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There is a number that has been known since the dawn of time - 1,618 - which has been tied to the concept of “divine proportions” or “harmonious proportions”. Sculptors and painters use this number to give their art the right proportions. The number has given rise to the concept of the “golden section”. It is found, for example, in Leonardo da Vinci's “Vitruvian Man”, as well as in other works. It is also found very often in nature. 1,618DeMaria was established based on this concept of harmonious proportions. The historic De Maria company was founded in the Antico Borgo Orefici di Napoli (Old Quarter of the Goldsmiths of Naples), where during the Middle Ages Joanna of Anjou officially put the Guild of Master Goldsmiths together. The DNA of this knowledge, of this expertise, of this creativity, and of this jewellery production which has been transformed into an art form can be found today in 1,618DeMaria.


Classic jewellery's refinement, elegance and quality are paired with precious or unusual materials - such as bronze, for its hardness and its specific weight that makes it closest to gold - and are coupled with innovative technologies used in their crafting. It is a rich and varied array of pieces plated in gold, and are designed and dedicated to modern, innovative people who love to stand out by wearing items that recall the fine jewellery tradition.


The production is guaranteed to be entirely and exclusively made in the company's workshops located in the Centro Orafo Il Tarì di Marcianise (Il Tarì di Marcianise Gold Centre). As imposed by the true canons of tradition, Made in Italy and “handmade” are the means by which the meticulously worked pieces, whose materials have been carefully selected, have been positioned at the top of international markets.

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